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Super simple pricing for wildly good content

okgrow is a self-service content marketing platform where startups, entrepreneurs, and SMBs can order excellent, engaging, and effective blog content on an as-needed basis.

Need 8 blog posts this month and 1 next month? Need 1 blog post a week, forever?

No problem. Pay only when you need the content!

Enjoy all the benefits of working with a powerful content team without the headaches and large monthly commitments!

  • Authoritative, educational, well-researched, search optimized blog posts.

  • Native English writers and editors, all with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

  • Super simple and affordable pricing. No hidden fees, upsells, or contracts.

  • Unique blog posts written specifically for you, never outsourced or from a library.

Simplicity ostrich

Now’s the time to ditch the headaches of content production

Words from our clients:

The team at okwrite produces high-quality content that matches our needs. They’re organized and possess great project management strategies. The thoughtfulness that they put into each article they publish is impressive.

okgrow testimonial icon Steven Vigor, Iberian Escapes

I’m consistently impressed with the content I receive from okwrite. They are able to take our sometimes complex and often obscure subjects and present them in a clear, precise, and thought-provoking manner that works towards our marketing goals.

okgrow testimonial iconHenson Wu, feedbackwhiz.com

…Combined with their receptiveness to feedback and client-first attitude, okwrite remains a valuable partner in content creation.

okgrow testimonial iconSenior Account Executive, Content Optimization Company

They have a smooth workflow and are very organized. Their turnaround time and high-quality content make them a results-driving provider.

okgrow testimonial iconMarketing & Branding Manager, Website Design Kingston

Our SERP positions and coverage, as well as reader engagement, have increased since we started working with okwrite.

okgrow testimonial iconYuri Martsinovsky, SoftActivity

It has been a pleasure working with Erin, Joe, and the rest of the okwrite team. We are excited to further grow the relationship and expand the breadth of content that we create together.

okgrow testimonial iconOwner, Accelevents

Single Site

  • 1 Dedicated Content Editor
  • 2-3 Consistent Writers
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • Custom Blog Style Guide
  • Custom Writers Brief
  • Email Support
  • Easy to Use Secure Order System
  • Blog Posts Start at $95

Multiple Websites/Agencies

  • 2-3 Dedicated Content Editors
  • 2-5 Consistent Writers
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • Multiple Custom Blog Style Guides
  • Multiple Custom Writers Briefs
  • Email/Phone Support
  • Easy to Use Secure Order System
  • Blog Posts Start at $95

Word Count Price
600 – 1000 words $95.95
**1000 – 1400 $145.95
1400 – 1800 $195.95
1800 – 2200 $245.95
2200 – 2600 $295.95
2600 – 3000 $345.95
3000 – 3400 $395.95


How is okwrite connected to okgrow?2020-11-13T02:24:09-05:00

okgrow.co is a division of okwrite Technologies Inc (okwrite.co) a registered Canadian corp.

How long are your contracts?2020-11-23T15:57:58-05:00

Exactly 0 months.

We wouldn’t want to work with you if you didn’t want to work with us or see the value in what we’re doing.

Why on earth would we force a useless relationship with a legally binding contract? We think you’d agree that we both have better ways to spend our time, quite frankly.

Lawyer answer: okgrow is a month-to-month service. You may cancel anytime at your leisure from the self-service portal. Your account will remain active until your next billing cycle, and at that time your account will close and no further charges will be applied. You may reopen your account at any time.

okgrow does not offer refunds for the monthly subscription, however in special circumstances, we could potentially refund a blog post, we guess, whatever man. Just give us a call if you need to.

Who are your writers and how do I know they are good?2020-11-23T16:00:09-05:00

Our beloved writers are the core of our business

They are also at the very heart of your success.

We take extraordinary care and have made a considerable commitment to selecting only writers who have demonstrated (in theory and practice)  a significant skill level.

Our writers are located in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other English speaking countries.

Our writer application and training processes are probably(?) the toughest in the industry.

  • All writers have a bachelor’s degree (some have PHDs)
  • All writers have a minimum of 2 years of full-time experience creating content for the web (usually coming from other agencies or simply tired of running their own solo-company).

Will someone who is a non-native born English speaker ever write my content? No.


Do you have an affiliate program?2020-11-13T02:45:06-05:00


Probably like the most fire one on the internet, it’s weird that you asked that though.

You can learn about it here if you want


How are you?2020-11-13T02:54:08-05:00

Good thanks. How are you?

Wait… shouldn’t this be more complicated?2020-11-13T02:49:56-05:00


Can I use these blogs as guests posts on other sites?2020-11-13T03:36:28-05:00

Yes, not a problem!

Most of the time, the ‘guest’ website will supply you with details and preferences. Just attach that to your order and specify it as a guest post in the order description (all done very easily in the portal). We’ll take it from there and you’ll get exactly what you need.

How can you possibly write at an expert level in my industry?2020-11-13T03:02:18-05:00

That’s a big question that’s taken us over 5 years of long nights to really figure out.

Can’t give it all away… but I can give you some hints:

  • You can read about our processes here
  • You can read about our writers here

There aren’t many industries we haven’t successfully written for at this point. A great writer is also a very very good academic researcher.

Try us out if you don’t think we can do it, double dare you.

Do you have samples?2020-11-23T16:06:59-05:00

Yes, we have literally tens of thousands of samples we can show you. Give us a call or email, let us know which industry you’re interested in looking at samples for and we’ll send them over.

(or maybe we can even just write one for you and your company free of charge, then you can really be sure…? Just use the code word “wild blueberries” when you call to get a free sample written just for you. Our salespeople will have no idea why you keep saying “wild blueberries”, it’ll be fun. Most of them don’t ever read this stuff. After we share a good laugh together we’ll write that sample (give us a couple of days).


Can you please tell me about all the additional charges and addons I can buy?2020-11-23T16:16:28-05:00

We don’t have any additional pricing outside of what you see on this page.

We won’t charge you to SEO the blog post (we just do it), we’re not designers, we won’t send you a stock photo for your header, and we’re not going to make you guess how many ‘stars’ your writer should be.

If you’re looking for more bells and whistles and a very comprehensive solution, take a look at okwrite.co (pricing starts at $5k/m)

Looking for fully managed, hands-off, and insanely good content marketing managed services?

pricing starts at $5000/month