Your content isn’t great content until we all say it is

So how do we make sure that each and every blog post we write for you is the best it can be on that subject?

The team at okwrite produces high-quality content that matches our needs. They’re organized and possess great project management strategies. The thoughtfulness that they put into each article they publish is impressive.

okgrow testimonial icon Steven Vigor, Iberian Escapes

I’m consistently impressed with the content I receive from okwrite. They are able to take our sometimes complex and often obscure subjects and present them in a clear, precise, and thought-provoking manner that works towards our marketing goals.

okgrow testimonial iconHenson Wu,

…Combined with their receptiveness to feedback and client-first attitude, okwrite remains a valuable partner in content creation.

okgrow testimonial iconSenior Account Executive, Content Optimization Company

They have a smooth workflow and are very organized. Their turnaround time and high-quality content make them a results-driving provider.

okgrow testimonial iconMarketing & Branding Manager, Website Design Kingston

Our SERP positions and coverage, as well as reader engagement, have increased since we started working with okwrite.

okgrow testimonial iconYuri Martsinovsky, SoftActivity

It has been a pleasure working with Erin, Joe, and the rest of the okwrite team. We are excited to further grow the relationship and expand the breadth of content that we create together.

okgrow testimonial iconOwner, Accelevents

How okgrow produces content

Step 1

okgrow client

You submit (via our guided online portal) the topic, keywords, sources, and/or any other information you feel relevant (including SEMrush/ahrefs/MarketMuse briefs/keyword planner exports).

Step 2

Your assigned project manager will review the submission against your ‘blog style guide’ that you completed on signup.

If there is a misalignment, if we have questions, or if we have some advice, we will call or email you.

Step 3

The correct writer is hand-chosen for your blog post by your project manager.

Writer selection is based on previous work experience and education.

Step 4

After the writer has completed the first draft, an editor will review the document for grammar/syntax errors, general writing flow, fact-checks, and more.

At this point, the draft may be sent back to the writer with notes.

Step 5

After the writer/editor exchange, the strategy manager reviews the document against your overall strategy and may make changes based on SEO best practices and/or your desired business goals.

Step 6

okgrow client

Content is sent to you for review.

You will most likely love it. But, of course, you can always request that the content sees some revisions. You’re able to send it back to your team for two rounds of light edits (back to step 4).

How our ‘competitors’ (probably) do it

Before you can fully grasp how okgrow successfully creates excellent content in differing industries each and every day, you must first understand the processes that our ‘competitors’ use to try to achieve the same.

Step 1 ‘Submission’

You submit a content order with title, keywords, links, and description – anything that might be helpful to their process. Usually at this stage you are also required to pay for your order.

Step 2 ‘Faþer vár’

Faþer vár is what the Vikings would recite before a battle. So when you submit your content, you say a ‘Faþer vár’ and ask the heavens to spare you more content headaches. Our competitor says their ‘Faþer vár’, cross their fingers and hope that they will make their ad spend back off of you. The writer says their ‘Faþer vár’ and asks the heavens for another star in their profile so they may reach $.025 a word.

Step 3 ‘Publication’

Content is sent back to you for publishing. Typically you will be responsible for editing and/or publishing.

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